Bring to Closing

“Bring to Closing” Do you Have Enough?

Buying a house can be fun!  But if your credit has changed or “Cash” available is inadequate when it’s time to “Bring To Closing” – It can be a real buzzkill.  Buyers Be Aware:Prequalification Letter, from lender, is based on debts reported at the time.  It can be very tempting to indulge in a (credit card filled) […]

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Is Real Estate Calling Your Name?

If you made it pass the title, you might be among the following: – considering a career in real estate- interested in investment property- one of my family or friends who feel obligated to read my post. Of course there are many other reasons why real estate could be calling your name. I will let many of you […]

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Moving Across Country with Kids

From sending the dogs to travel with your spouse to playing games, here is advice from the pro’s (a.k.a My friends who have “Been There, Done That”) when it comes to Moving Across Country (or States) with Kids:  “Before the trip, look up things to find along the highway or in the new place you’re moving to – […]

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Tornado Warnings and Showings

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.  If you don’t you’ll find an excuse.”    Jim Rohn  You may be reading the title and thinking to yourself, “Tornado Warning???”  That sounds more like a reason than an excuse to cancel showings.” Even though my referred buyers were from out-of-town, they grew up in the Oklahoma metro area and […]

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Real Estate Fable: Possession at Funding

One, hot (yet cloudy) Oklahoma afternoon at approximately 12:00 pm, a closing was taking place between Seller Mr. Fox and Buyer Mr. Bear. Getting under contract was somewhat intense, Seller Mr. Fox tugging on the purchase price one way and Buyer Mr. Bear pulling the other.  They made it through the inspections and repair phase without […]

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The Misunderstood Listing

Buyer is thrilled to discover a listing with an open floor plan, 3 bathrooms (you should see the soaker tub in the master), large covered patio, and an acre lot for her family to enjoy.  “Wait a minute…As-Is Condition?”  “But the description and photos look similar to other homes we’ve looked at in the price range.  Why is this home listed in as-is […]

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