Is Real Estate Calling Your Name?

If you made it pass the title, you might be among the following:

- considering a career in real estate
- interested in investment property
- one of my family or friends who feel obligated to read my post.

Of course there are many other reasons why real estate could be calling your name.

I will let many of you off the hook now - and speak directly to those considering a career in real estate.

No, I'm not going to give 6 Steps to a Successful Real Estate Career nor will I be sharing Real Estate War Stories - at this time.

Instead, I want to offer a little questionnaire as you consider enrolling in that real estate course: (YES/ NO, TRUE/ FALSE)

  1. Does the word LIABILITY scare you?
  2. Are you extremely tempted to make something up when you do not know?
  3. Do you blame others easily
  4. Will you place your need to get paid over doing what is right?
  5. Do you live by "What they don't know won't hurt them" motto?

 If you answered "NO" or "FALSE" to all the questions above - adding that online real estate course to your CART may not be a bad idea.  You will have so many opportunities to ask questions, take responsibility, embrace integrity, showcase "Honesty is the Best Policy," and enjoy how the word "LIABILITY" keeps you accountable (by continued learning, documentation, paying attention to details, following through on what you say. and more).

For those of you seeking a real estate license in Oklahoma, I recommend contacting Oklahoma Real Estate Education School.  The instructor is the former Director of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission and is available via phone, text, email.

*Somehow my post ended with a little advertisement*

I am extremely proud of what my mother has done (and continues to do) for the real estate industry and wanted to share my most valuable resource.

by: Alesha Wilson, M.Ed, Broker/Owner

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