Moving Across Country with Kids

From sending the dogs to travel with your spouse to playing games, here is advice from the pro's (a.k.a My friends who have "Been There, Done That") when it comes to Moving Across Country (or States) with Kids:

 "Before the trip, look up things to find along the highway or in the new place you're moving to - like landmarks.  Gives them a sense of time 'til home."

 "When we moved from Texas to Oklahoma, I made sure that each kid got a duffel or small bag and put all of their most important things they loved and needed daily (i.e. favorite stuffed animal, blanket, makeup for teen girls, etc..."

 "We don't have kids, but we have dogs who are like our kids..Best thing I did was send all 3 of the dogs with their daddy.. it made it easier on me."

 "Best one yet, especially with small kids, drive the majority at night!  And if you can't, you better have a DVD player in the car"

 "Been there three times.  We moved from Texas to Utah and then from Utah to Oklahoma and then back again to Utah!!!  We have seen so many cool things along the way.  And always had a duffel bag for each of us - it's seriously like traveling for a vacation with your entire house."

 "I made a list while I was packing of things we would need fast.  I wouldn't have survived without my list!!!"

 "We also played the license plate game"

 "Put a couple of pairs of pj's, clothes, a toothbrush, comb, brush, like we were just going on a short trip.

 "Had them bring their favorite pillow and either a sleeping bag or blankets and/or bring a few airbeds and pump.  We put those things in our car and anything else that you would want to jump start your life at the new house until everything was unpacked."

 "Make a game out of it, like a scavenger hunt to keep them occupied 'til you've arrived."

 "You really need a sense of humor and patience because sometimes (most of the time) things don't go as planned!!"

 "Lots of patience..."

 Thank you Friends for sharing your favorite tips! 

by: Alesha Wilson, M.Ed, Broker/Owner

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