The Misunderstood Listing

Buyer is thrilled to discover a listing with an open floor plan3 bathrooms (you should see the soaker tub in the master), large covered patio, and an acre lot for her family to enjoy.  "Wait a minute...As-Is Condition?"  "But the description and photos look similar to other homes we've looked at in the price range.  Why is this home listed in as-is condition?" 

You know the next question that follows...What is wrong with it?

When I inquire about similar "as-is condition" listings, the agents have stated the seller will not be able to do many (if any) repairs.  That doesn't sound all that bad, right?  How many sellers would prefer to do little or no repairs before closing?

 Unfortunately, the described condition raises suspicion.

It is completely understandable to disclose the seller's intent regarding repairs.  However, an "as-is condition" category will likely send a "buyer beware" message even if the property disclosure reflects little or no defects.

How many buyers will look elsewhere before considering
the misunderstood listing?

Repairs are negotiable - First impressions (usually) are not.

by: Alesha Wilson, M.Ed, Broker/Owner

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Before you start "googling" my name to see if I am the Rock Star I claim to be…let me explain.
For 20 years (mol), my passion was to advocate for, educate, and counsel children.  My student loan balance will tell you that we will most likely be "friends" for a long time.  And, although, I am proud of my academic achievements, they only account for a percentage of what made me feel like a "Rock Star."
As a classroom teacher, untold hours go into preparing for "performances" (a.k.a. lessons).  If performances inspire - you are on your way to Fame!  After becoming a school counselor, my fan base grew.  To make a long story short - I was confident in my abilities to inspire students, faculty, and parents.  Yes, I felt like a "Rock Star!"
There was only one problem... being a Rock Star with quotation marks has limits.
It became necessary for me to have flexibility and potential income. Oklahoma Real Estate was a seed that was planted about 5 years ago - when my mother retired from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (as the Executive Director) and began (online real estate school). Since I was the second "A" in the name "BAAHS" I felt compelled to learn more about the business.
During my first year in real estate, there were doubts and challenges - so many more than expected – yet my desire to help others kept me going. I found that my passion to educate did not stay in the classroom.  This meant additional hours committed towards proficiency, because a lack of information is not an option.
I would not trade my “Rock Star” days in the classroom for anything.  And I look forward to increasing my “fan” base in this next gig.
When we look at the road that leads to home ownership, and the hard work (or support) that accompanies, we might see:
Building Credit
Gift Letters
Paying Off Debts
Working Overtime
My husband and I utilized all of the above to purchase our first and second homes.  I was not in real estate at the time and relied solely on our agent’s expertise to get us through.  With the countless details of a real estate transaction – I just remember the cleaning, packing, and lifting details.
If our agent were alive today, I know she would take that as a compliment.  The fact that I do not remember, the numerous transaction details, means she was on top of them – granting me time to focus on other details.
NOW, helping others achieve the dream of home ownership is my principle goal and it’s time to allow them to clean, pack, and lift while I stay on top of the transaction details.
After the long or short road trip to home ownership – Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor.

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