Tornado Warnings and Showings

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way.  If you don't you'll find an excuse."    Jim Rohn

 You may be reading the title and thinking to yourself, "Tornado Warning???"  That sounds more like a reason than an excuse to cancel showings."

Even though my referred buyers were from out-of-town, they grew up in the Oklahoma metro area and were familiar with the ever-changing weather.  Some viewing days were heat filled, while others required a jacket.  Some were "blow your socks off" windy and other days we could barely catch a breeze.  And, when the tornado watch announcement aired just hours before our showings, the question was not "Should we cancel?" but "When did they say it was coming our way?"

*Raised eyebrows?

This is not one of those times when I rushed home to call my mom. In fact, this may be the first time she is hearing of that mid May day.

With reconfirmed showing times and the local news app loaded to our phones, we proceeded as planned.  The first few showings were greeted with clear skies and a home of possible interest.  As we neared the last two showings, things started to get an overcast.

The news app was sending alerts and the meterologist's voice could be heard as I unlocked the lockbox.  Upon entering the home, it only took a moment for the buyers and I to agree that saving the remaining showings for another day might be best.  Concerned, not just for our lives, but for the ones who vacated their homes to accommodate the showings.

Soon afterwards, the announcement changed from a tornado watch to a tornado warning.  According to the news, we were not in immediate danger - but had we stayed our course we could be within an hour.

Writing this post for a couple of reasons:

One, I am so thankful to live in a state that is constantly improving the severe weather warning system.  Two, an acknowledgement that sometimes I may be taking the words of Jim Rohn a little too far?

by: Alesha Wilson, M.Ed, Broker/Owner

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